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Diagnostic Manual, Body and Accessories, Volume 5.1

16.1    Models 124 (as of 09/87), 129, 201 (09/87 to 06/93) Airbag

Diagnosis (driver-side or driver/passenger-side airbag) Page
Function Test 11/1
Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Memory 12/1
Complaint Related Diagnostic Chart 13/1

Electrical Test Program (driver-side or driver/passenger-side airbag)
Component Locations 21/1
Preparation for Test 22/1
Test 23/1

Electrical Test Program (Emergency Tensioning Retractors - ETR's)
Preperation for Test 31/1
Test 32/1

Electrical Test Program (test if there is no DTC)
Test 33/1