Mercedes-Benz автомобилите на Франкфурртското автомобилно изложение 2009Всички новини за Мерцедес от Международното автомобилно изложение във Франкфурт 2009 IAA.

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1. Mercedes-Benz at the 2009 IAA - From the SLS AMG to the three-litre S-Class
2. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: Fascination and high tech - The new Gullwing model from Mercedes-Benz
3. New Gullwing model with purely electric high-tech drive system
4. The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class estate - Intelligent (E)state-of-the-art
5. The new Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG estate
6. Mercedes-Benz Vision S 500 Plug-in HYBRID: The luxury class on the road to the three-litre car
7. Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL
8. Mercedes-Benz BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS: Battery-powered electric drive plus range extender
10. Mercedes-Benz E-Guard models
11. Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard
12. Viano X-CLUSIVE special model
13. The new Maybach Zeppelin
14. Into the Maybach realm of senses
15. Maybach sets the standards for the high-end luxury segment
16. Maybach - technical data
17. smart fortwo electric drive - smart goes into series production with second generation electric drive
18. smart fortwo edition highstyle - New smart special model – stylish, elegant and classy
19. smart fortwo model year 2010 - smart fortwo cdi: 21 percent more power for the CO2 champion
20. car2go
21. smart BRABUS tailor made

Снимки на Maybach Zeppelin  Още за Майбах на български.
Снимки от представянето на Мерцедес във Франкфурт на IAA 2009.