Official Press release

Improved warning effect for following traffic
Automatic activation
Additional integration of the hazard warning system

Standard equipment at no extra cost

Stuttgart – From now on, every newly ordered Vito or Viano will be equipped with a new safety function at no extra cost: the "Adaptive Brake Light" ensures more safety in road traffic.
Improved warning effect for following traffic
During heavy braking from a vehicle speed greater than 50km/h, the Electronic Stability Program ESP® activates the new "Adaptive Brake Light" safety function, which makes the brake lights flash at a frequency of 3 Hz instead of just lighting up continuously. Once the danger has passed and the brake pedal is only held or slightly released by the driver, ESP® deactivates the "Adaptive Brake Light" and the brake lights light up continuously as usual.
These flashing brake lights ensure a higher level of attention on the part of following traffic.
Automatic activation of the hazard warning system
If the "Adaptive Brake Light" function is activated at a speed exceeding 70km/h, and remains active until the vehicle comes to a halt, the hazard warning system is automatically switched on when the vehicle stops. It can be manually switched off again at any time. Once the Vito or Viano begins to move at a speed over 10 km/h again, as often happens in dense moving traffic, the system switches the hazard warning lights off.