The 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, exterior front and side view

With the launch of the new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is continuing a success story which is without parallel in the luxury-class car segment: Since 1947, when the Model 170 V was introduced as the direct forerunner of the E-Class, the Stuttgart-based automaker has produced more than ten million saloons in this vehicle category. In 2002 alone, some 1.3 million drivers chose the E-Class, whose market share of up to 40 percent makes it the top seller in this market segment in Germany and many other countries in Western Europe. But as well as being by far the best-established and most successful business saloon, the E-Class is the "heart" of the Mercedes brand - it is the typical Mercedes-Benz. No other model reflects the core values of the brand as precisely as the E-Class: safety, comfort, environmental compatibility, design, quality and individuality.