2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class design sketch

The new E-Class points the way ahead. An executive saloon whose design positively exudes status. New lines make the car appear even more effortlessly superior and imposing than before, lending it added masculinity. A strong yet familiar character that clearly originates from good stock. The identity features are unequivocal: the louvre structure of the radiator grille is classic Mercedes, while the twin-headlamp face has been a characteristic E-Class hallmark for 14 years now. Nevertheless, even with these familiar styling elements, the design idiom remains vibrant and fits in perfectly with the Saloon's more striking appearance: housed in a three-dimensionally shaped chrome frame, the radiator grille radiates presence by virtue of its dynamic V-shape and is also far more steeply raked than previously, allowing the new E-Class to emphasise its status without being brash; understatement is and will remain the style of this model series.