The 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior overview

Welcome home. The slogan for the new E-Class can be taken literally. Just by getting in and closing the door, you find yourself in a totally different world. Noise, stress and the rush of everyday life remain locked outside, replaced by an overriding feeling of comfort and relaxation. Elegant forms, fine materials, attractive colours, comfortable seats and exquisitely designed details create an atmosphere in which you immediately feel at home. One of the key aspects the Mercedes engineers focussed on to create this exceptional level of comfort was the new dimensional concept for the body and the interior, which differs from that of the outgoing model in many respects and thus allowed a new form of "spatial planning". More space equals more comfort was the principle the product planners applied to design a body that is 16 millimetres longer, 10 millimetres lower and 32 millimetres wider than previously. Measured against the outgoing E-Class model, the wheelbase length has been increased by 20 millimetres to 2874 millimetres, which is a major factor behind the enhanced ride comfort and interior spaciousness. This is highlighted for example by the seat reference point, effectively the distance between the front and rear seats, which is crucial in determining the space in which the occupants are able to move: it measures 848 millimetres (outgoing model: 838 millimetres) and is therefore on a par with the level which, not so many years ago, was the standard for top-end luxury cars.