2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, exterior front and side view

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I already know what you're thinking – the fact that as of late, there's been a notable absence of Mercedes reviews here at eMercedesBenz. Indeed, we have fallen a bit behind in our Mercedes review coverage, but not to worry my dear readers, because even as you read this, we're diligently catching up on the various Mercedes reviews that we've missed. In fact, we have not one... not two... not even five... but a grand total of eleven articles we're bringing you, all of which analyze the brand-new 2010 Mercedes E-Class. To make viewing easier, I'm going to split up the articles into three Mercedes Review Roundups, starting with this one that analyzes the 2010 Mercedes E-Class range as a whole. Subsequently, i'll then publish the individual E-Class model reviews for your viewing entertainment. So without further ado, the first of three 2010 Mercedes E-Class Review Roundups.