2009 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, exterior rear and side view

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after taking a little more than a week off, we are indeed back this fine April morning, once again bringing you the latest in Mercedes-related news and entertainment. Unfortunately, it was an unexpected trip paired with an equally unexpected lack of Wi-Fi access that caused the abrupt article hiatus, but not to worry, as both myself and the rest of the staff are back from their spring vacations and ready to get to work. As is the case anytime a vacation is enjoyed, we've got plenty of work to catch up on, so rather than commenting on each of the various press releases we've missed, we're going to bring you the straight corporate content in an effort to get you caught up as quickly as possible. Once we've caught up on our backlog, however, we will once again return to the trademark wit you've all come to know and love. But enough of my rambling – let's get to the Mercedes content, starting with the brand-new, slightly revised and somewhat awkward looking 2009 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Keep scrolling for a number of photos and a lengthy press release detailing what to expect from the latest iteration of the endearing S-Class.