Mercedes-Benz F-Cell on the historic route of Bertha Benz, front and side view of F-Cell Roadster

As you may remember, about a month ago we brought you the details of a special concept vehicle known simply as the F-Cell Roadster. Inspired by the legendary Benz patent motor car and featuring design traits of modern F1 race cars, the F-Cell's 1.2 kW hybrid drive allows the model to reach a top speed of 15 mph and achieve an operating range of 217 miles. Over the weekend, the F-Cell Roadster took to the road, completing a portion of the historic route once traveled by Bertha Benz – a journey that has since been recognized as the first long distance journey in an automobile. Specifically, the F-Cell Roadster started in Manheim, where it was then driven via Ladenburg and Heidelberg before passing its symbolic finish line at the chemist's shop in Wiesloch – the location where Bertha Benz stopped to refuel in 1888.