{include_content_item 2218}Absolutely unbelievable. What would Mercedes-Benz think of next? Automatic braking assist, lane keeping assist, eco start/stop function. Now, the company has successfully created a technology that helps the driver parallel park! The next thing you know, Mercedes-Benz will be able to make premium vehicles that talk to their owner. KITT ring any bell?
The Parallel Parking Assist takes the burden away from the driver when parallel parking. As most drivers can attest to, parallel parking is one of the hardest tasks that a driver has to learn early in his or her driving career. 

Otherwise, the chances of getting a parking space in busy cities will be near impossible.And so, here’s a technology that’ll take away all steering input responsibilities. All you have to do is slow down to a crawl when you spot a parking space. The system will then respond to the found lot of gold by lighting up a ‘P’ on your instrument cluster. All you have to do then is shift into reverse and then confirm the said space on your cluster. Then take your hands off the steering wheel and just focus on your right foot. That’s all you have to do. It’s that easy.


Imagine, all you have to do is find a parking space that’s just 1.2 meters longer than your car and that’s it. Surely, every driver will want one. But right now, it’s only available on the B-Class B 160.