{include_content_item 2218}Mercedes-Benz Bank: market leader thanks to sector expertise
CharterWay: one-stop service, leasing and rental
FleetBoard: new services enhancing the product range
TruckWorks: complete service for trailers, semi-trailers, truck bodies
Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management:
scheduled servicing saves time
Mercedes-Benz technical accessories: trucks with bespoke features
Mercedes-Benz genuine parts /genuine remanufactured parts: quality that pays
Mercedes-Benz Service24h: available round-the-clock
Mercedes-Benz TruckMobility: new mobility package for trucks
TruckStore: trucks with experience of life and a warranty
OMNIplus: continuous refinement of tailor-made services in the bus sector

There are just no limits to the service on offer: whatever the location, whatever the time or whatever the subject matter – the buyer of a commercial vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, Fuso or Setra gets the benefit of exceptional services. Made-to-measure and continuously enhanced services provide owners of trucks, vans and buses with a perfect level of support, allowing them to work efficiently and focus on their core businesses.
Mercedes-Benz Bank: competitive edge from sector expertise
Mercedes-Benz Bank is the largest commercial vehicle finance provider in Germany The services provided by Mercedes-Benz Bank support the complete life cycle of a commercial vehicle, including finance for purchases directly from the plant, leasing, and dealer floor plan financing for pre-owned commercial vehicles. The broad spectrum of financing and insurance solutions helps customers purchase and operate their trucks and vans efficiently, while at the same time preserving liquidity.
For example, the amount of the monthly charge in the seasonal instalment finance option is matched to the fluctuations in business over the course of the year. The rental solutions offered by Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Bank, even allow customers to cover short-term requirements on a day-by-day basis. For van customers, Mercedes-Benz Bank provides Transporter-Leasing plus, an all-in package comprising a lease and vehicle insurance at a fixed monthly rate.
The close-knit integration of Mercedes-Benz Bank within the Daimler Group has resulted in substantial sector expertise to the benefit of customers and gives the bank a competitive edge. Mercedes-Benz Bank is able to offer an insurance premium discount of up to 10 percent if trucks or semi-trailer trucks are equipped with a Daimler safety package because the addition of these safety systems to the vehicle helps reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay: reliable partner in difficult times
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay allows customers to focus on their core business. The range of services offered by Mercedes-Benz CharterWay enables transport and logistics companies to operate commercial vehicles on a flexible basis, saving costs and maintaining cash reserves. For example, vehicles may be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, but also for periods as short as 24 hours. Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers its services under three product lines known as CharterWay Service, CharterWay Service Leasing and CharterWay Rental.
CharterWay Service is offered in a variety of different versions, including a straightforward warranty service for the powertrain, cover for all maintenance work and comprehensive cover for all eventualities. CharterWay Service Leasing is an end-to-end solution that provides customers with vehicles configured exactly to their own specifications and covers all requirements, including vehicle procurement, maintenance and return of the vehicle at the end of the contract with a guaranteed residual value. In its rental business, CharterWay has more than 4,000 vehicles at its disposal in Germany. These vehicles comprise both standard and industry-specific vehicles, including matching trailers or semi-trailers.
In a joint initiative with Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay has launched the haulage operator model. The service packages for subcontractors include both finance services and rental-based products to support vehicle procurement. With the haulage operator model, the haulage contractor accesses a fleet of well-maintained ultra-modern vehicles in its own corporate colours.
FleetBoard: new telematics functions, now also for vans
For ten years, Daimler FleetBoard has been developing and marketing telematics solutions, increasing the efficiency of commercial vehicle fleets. New customers report average fuel savings of seven percent within the first three months of introducing the system and training based on FleetBoard. Long-standing customers feel that they are making significant savings in repair and maintenance costs. This is complemented by intelligent transport and time management solutions.
FleetBoard transport management means optimum job management. The new interface on the DispoPilot end-device in the truck can be used by the driver intuitively. The system architecture, which is also new, offers even more flexibility: it is now possible to transmit job details as well as the jobs themselves, and jobs can be broken down into different job types. This means that the system can be used for long-distance and distribution work. This flexibility not only benefits the vehicle coordinator, it also helps the driver who is guided through job processing by means of a workflow. In the workflow, only specific steps in the process are possible, thereby ensuring the quality of the data captured by the driver. A helpful FleetBoard tool is the time management system, used for example to support monitoring of driving times, breaks and rest periods. New features include the analysis of infringements and the monitoring of extended driving times and shortened rest periods. This allows vehicle coordinators to deploy drivers even more precisely in respect of permitted driving hours.
New functions are available in FleetBoard mapping. Satellite images provide a picture of the vehicle position and trip progression. A position is recorded every 30 seconds and data is transferred as a batch on a 10-minute cycle. FleetBoard mapping now also includes enhanced area monitoring, even for customers without the transport management service. Area monitoring facilitates automated notifications when vehicles reach the edge of a particular area.
FleetBoard is expanding its range of end-devices for drivers' cabs and, to complement the proven portable DispoPilot.mobile handset with scanner function, is launching the new DispoPilot.guide for permanent installation in cabs. It is ideal for companies able to dispense with the scanner, for example in tanker, silo transport or full-load shipping. Apart from being well priced, the advantage of this unit is its large seven-inch screen for perfect map reproduction.
FleetBoard is now also available as original factory-fitted equipment for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This opens up new opportunities for van fleets: operating and processing costs can be reduced significantly. Vehicle and driving data is transmitted to the FleetBoard server using GSM/GPRS radio data transmission. All relevant information is available to the user online, protected by appropriate passwords. Using the FleetBoard scoring system and clear diagrams, FleetBoard produces driving analyses for the entire fleet based on individual drivers or vehicles. These analyses are generated using a large number of criteria. They help to encourage a driving style based on fuel consumption and highlight opportunities for improvement.
TruckWorks service brand: complete one-stop service
TruckWorks sets a new standard in commercial vehicles service with an all-in service for tractors, trailers, semi-trailers and truck bodies from one source and in one location. If customers require maintenance, repairs, aggregate repair, statutory testing, on-the-spot repairs, truck tyre service, vehicle cleaning and valeting, they can obtain the full range of services in TruckWorks workshops to manufacturer quality standards.
TruckWorks is available throughout Germany. Every TruckWorks workshop brings together well-known partners, including Schmitz Cargobull, Humbaur, Fliegl, Krone and Kögel for trailers, Bär, Dautel, Dhollandia, MBB Palfinger and Sörensen for tail lifts, Junge and Spier for truck bodies, Haldex, Knorr-Bremse and Wabco for braking and vehicle systems, SAF Holland for trailer axles and Kerstner, Kiesling and Lamberet for cooling systems. The brand also has internal partnerships with FleetBoard, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems and MercedesServiceCard. Extended opening hours, specially qualified service and workshop personnel and appropriate infrastructure in an easily accessible location enhance the range of services on offer.
Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management: efficient and intelligent servicing planning
In the Mercedes-Benz truck maintenance management service, state-of-the-art communications support the organisation of servicing and maintenance work on the Actros and Axor model series. The system records information related to maintenance and wear and tear on the vehicle, transmits the information online and analyses it immediately. The extent of any necessary maintenance and replacement of wearing parts can therefore be identified at an early stage and all brought together to be dealt with in one workshop visit. This reduces the amount of time vehicles are in the workshop, and therefore idle, and minimises costs
The process: after the customer has authorised the transfer of vehicle data, the information on maintenance and wear and tear is recorded and analysed by the Mercedes-Benz service partner. The customer immediately receives a schedule and a fixed price. The customer vehicle needs to be equipped with the FleetBoard telematics system in order to use this service.
Mercedes-Benz technical accessories: trucks with bespoke features
In addition to the huge range of factory-fitted options, a comprehensive range of accessories and retrofit options is available to Mercedes-Benz truck customers via their Mercedes-Benz service partner. All products are adapted for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and are then tested and approved by the relevant development unit at Mercedes-Benz.
The most significant new feature being presented at the IAA International Motor Show is a new interior system developed in conjunction with specialists from the motorhome industry. Behind the driver and passenger seat, there is room for a refrigerator, wash basin and generous storage space. On request, a table, toilet or a microwave oven can be included. This equipment allows drivers to look after themselves independently of publicly available infrastructure.
Other new features: GPS vehicle tracking in the event of theft. If a vehicle is stolen, a GPS tracking system hidden in the vehicle can be of immeasurable value to the owner: a network of alarm centres across Europe can locate the vehicle so that it can be quickly reclaimed.
The new universal mobile phone cradle means there is no longer any need for a new phone holder when there is a change of driver or the driver changes phones. With the cradle's inductive antenna coupling, there is no need to physically connect the mobile phone to an antenna.
Mercedes-Benz genuine parts: quality that pays
Spare parts can be obtained from all sorts of manufacturers, but only Mercedes-Benz genuine parts meet the highest quality standards owing to precise manufacturer specifications and comprehensive testing and control. Genuine parts always embody the latest developments, the materials and working order are tested against strict criteria, they are perfectly matched to each vehicle and continue to be available for at least 15 years after the models are phased out.
Only Mercedes-Benz genuine parts are tested and approved by the Mercedes-Benz development unit and are therefore identical to series production parts. In terms of engineering, accuracy of fit, safety, durability and reliability – in sum, in terms of quality – genuine parts are of the highest standard.
One exchange that will pay off: the clever way to save with genuine remanufactured parts
100 percent quality, but savings of up to 50 percent on price: Mercedes-Benz genuine remanufactured parts are the solution for astute savers. The range comprises used components or parts that are no longer functioning that are then brought back into use after being reconditioned by experts and updated to include the latest available technology.
The customer returns the used or no longer functioning parts to Mercedes-Benz and in return receives a completely reconditioned and tested remanufactured part of the same quality standard as a new part. This part is appropriately guaranteed with the Mercedes-Benz worldwide spare parts warranty. Parts in this range include, for example, turbochargers, starters, dynamos, air compressors as well as remanufactured transmissions and engines.
Mercedes-Benz Service24h: available round-the-clock for trucks and vans
You can rely on vehicles with the three-pointed star, and you can absolutely rely on the service support. The density of the service network alone - which covers 40 countries and comprises 1,750 partners for trucks and 2,600 for vans - guarantees fast assistance. Within this network, around 800 partners for trucks and 950 for vans provide 24-hour breakdown assistance. Regardless of where a truck or van requires assistance in Europe, Mercedes-Benz service support is at the vehicle, on average, within one hour. Some 85 percent of all breakdowns can be repaired on the spot.
This is all based on a highly effective organisational structure. There is a standard service telephone number for trucks (00800 5 777 7777) and for vans (00800 3 777 7777) covering 15 European countries. Calls to these numbers are handled by the Customer Assistance Centre in Maastricht. The multilingual capability of the employees at the centre ensures that the customer can always be assisted in his/her local language. Other countries have their own national customer contact centres.
Technicians are able to call up the data on the breakdown and the vehicle in real time. The technicians have all been specially trained, without exception. The skilled assistance provided by the service also includes the right equipment: Service24h vehicles not only have tools and spare parts, they are also equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics systems and information technology.
New mobility package for trucks: Mercedes-Benz TruckMobility
Since June 2010, Mercedes-Benz has been providing a new service for truck customers: the TruckMobility package offers comprehensive assistance for tractors and trailers or semi-trailers in the event of breakdown. Thanks to a dense service network with a 24-hour service, this mobility service guarantees short downtimes. The service can be used in 40 European countries. The mobility package is available for Actros, Axor, Atego and Econic models that are up to 8 years old and have covered a maximum of one million kilometres. It also applies at the same time to any trailers, semi-trailers or bodies being used with the relevant vehicles. The service can be contracted for periods of one to three years.
The mobility package is offered in two versions. The 'Basic' package includes on-the-spot assistance in the event of a breakdown, towing, replacement vehicle and transfer of the driver and any passenger to the pick-up point. The 'Premium' package also includes a logistics service which will organise the transfer of a load, tyre service, organisation of legal assistance for the driver in an emergency and payment of overnight accommodation and travel expenses. All services are available in conjunction with the free MercedesServiceCard.
TruckMobility is initially being offered in Germany. Customers can already use this new service in 40 European countries. Sales of TruckMobility will gradually be extended to other countries by 2011.
TruckStore: the pre-owned truck specialist
TruckStore is the largest pre-owned truck dealer in Europe and, in the Daimler Group, is responsible for the professional, international pre-owned trucks business, involving trucks of all brands and ages, and with all body types. TruckStore also accepts trucks of any manufacturer in part exchange. It has some 4,000 vehicles in stock in Europe on average. The condition of every vehicle is thoroughly checked and assessed on the basis of uniform standards. Vehicles are then subdivided into the product categories gold, silver and bronze. This ensures that every vehicle delivers what is promised.
As part of the Daimler Trucks value chain, TruckStore can offer a wide range of services covering finance and leasing, and a warranty valid throughout the EU. The range also includes services from Mercedes-Benz CharterWay. Buyback agree ments guarantee a fixed vehicle repurchase value when used vehicles are sold.
A unique feature in the pre-owned vehicle market is the TruckStore warranty valid throughout the EU. This warranty is offered for pre-owned vehicles in the gold and silver categories and applies in all EU countries to the entire powertrain on trucks of up to six years old from all manufacturers. The warranty runs for twelve months. In the event of a claim, the warranty covers the costs of a repair without any customer excess.
Prospective customers can access everything that TruckStore has to offer at www.truckstore.com. After selecting a language and country, the customer is taken conveniently to the relevant country's website. Professional advice on trucks begins right there on the website: if the stocks of vehicles throughout Europe do not include a vehicle that matches the customer's requirements exactly, www.truckstore.com automatically searches in the background for similar vehicles. TruckStore is growing constantly and already has 31 locations in 15 European countries.
OMNIplus: refinement of tailor-made services in the bus sector
Premium service for premium buses: OMNIplus, Daimler's service brand for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses ensures a critical extra service dimension in the bus market. The comprehensive one-stop service from OMNIplus saves time and money. OMNIplus offers a unique bus-related service comprising professional repair and maintenance services, efficient driver and service training, a large range of pre-owned vehicles and tailor-made financial services. OMNIplus offers the largest available bus-specific service network with 600 authorised service centres in Europe.
If a bus experiences the occasional breakdown, the operator can call upon the 24h SERVICE from OMNIplus. OMNIplus ensures that bus breakdowns are repaired immediately and to high quality standards by selecting service partners according to strict quality criteria and by using standardised repair processes. An example of the high degree of efficiency in the system is the parts logistics centre at Neu-Ulm. A completely accomplished and compelling product can only be achieved with the perfect interplay of parts specifically designed to fit and operate with each other. Tested OMNIplus genuine parts therefore provide that extra degree of reassurance. All parts in a bus remain available without restriction for at least 15 years after the end of production.
BusFleet: first fleet management system specifically for buses
The BusFleet telematics system was specifically developed for buses and is aimed at the needs of bus operators. The system focuses on efficiency and transparency in the fleet. BusFleet allows operators to call up the door and ramp status for individual vehicles. This is important primarily in the deployment of public transport buses. For example, on this basis, operators can, with precision, establish which doors on a bus were opened at any given time. Via the 'ramp status' indicator, operators are able to check the usage data for the disabled persons ramp.
BusFleet also provides detailed information on driving style. This information may relate to speed or revolutions per minute, the number of instances of sharp braking or other details – this data provides a secure basis for conclusions about the driver's handling of the bus. In addition, operators can download digital tachograph data on a continuous basis, for example the data showing driving times, breaks and rest periods. The statutory driver card download can also be carried out in the vehicle using BusFleet. As a further feature, BusFleet facilitates the download of data from the tachograph's mass storage device, regardless of the location of the vehicle.
With BusFleet, all important operational data can be called up on an ongoing basis. This includes mileage, fuel level and fuel consumption. The transmission of selected warning and status messages from the vehicle is being added to this data and will be presented at the IAA International Motor Show. Another new feature is the option to use BusFleet to schedule and track servicing, with intervals based on mileage and/or fixed time periods.
BusFleet optimises security as well as efficiency. The current position of the vehicle can be called up at any time and the progress of the trip is also documented. At the IAA International Motor Show, the BusFleet software will be presented with new map material and functions. For example, users will be able to switch between street and satellite views or select a combination of both views.
In yet another new feature, a text message similar to an SMS message can be sent to the display on the instrument cluster of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses if the operator is unable to contact the driver in any other way.
Basic and premium ServiceCard: graduated service card concept
Put everything on one card? Astute business people take a different approach, as does OMNIplus with its graduated service card concept. The premium ServiceCard is available to Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers free of charge, subject to a positive credit reference. For operators who can do without part of the comprehend sive package of services, such as the fuel, toll, tunnel and ferry services, they can opt for the brand-independent OMNIplus basic ServiceCard. Both cards include the basic mobility package.
Basic ServiceCard: large number of services and mobility package
The basic ServiceCard and basic mobility package include a large number of services: OMNIplus workshop service, a free 24-hour service number and response in the customer's local language, replacement bus service including a driver from the OMNIplus BusPool in Germany, international contacts for replacement bus requirements, rapid assistance from the OMNIplus TireService in the event of a flat tyre. In the event of a breakdown, the package not only guarantees fast, expert assistance, it also prevents unpleasant surprises thanks to fixed international billing standards.