{include_content_item 2218}Beginning with the next year, the Stuttgart-based constructor will kick off on a brand new strategy, which involves launching a whole new array of intelligent systems, specifically themed around the word 'magic'.

Information on the future technologies the upcoming generations of the high-end models of Mercedes-Benz will boast have started to emerge via internal sources. The W 222 version of the S-Class will come out somewhere at the end of 2012 and will most certainly feature a great amount of the innovative solutions the latest concept cars the carmaker unveiled have been equipped with. Take for example the PRE-SCAN system previewed on the 2007-revealed F 700 show prototype, which use special headlight-installed radars to scan the road ahead and adjust the suspension and the springs to the best possible setting as to ensure a smooth ride. When it enters into production on the forthcoming S-Class model, the PRE-SCAN will be renamed to ... Magic Body Control (a natural and worthy, high-tech successor of the current Active Body Control). One of the main reasons of this new title is the fact the new system will be far more improved than the PRE-SCAN is and will comprise an extensive list of sophisticated technologies which tackle everything related to the car's movement, ride, road behaviour and dynamism.

Moreover, it appears that the new SLK (R 172 series), to be premiered at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2011, will also sport an intelligent sunroof called Magic Sky Control, which is appearantly able to electronically (dynamically) lighten (clear) or darken (tint) itself depending on the intensity of the exterior solar light.