The third generation of the SLK-Klasse is tipped for unveiling by the end of 2010. Though there's still pretty much left until then, inside details never stop coming, to our complete delight.

It now appears that the ferocious AMG version of the new SLK will hide under its powerdome a new exquisite technical creation of the engineers from Affalterbach:a special twin-turbo petrol-running V6 engine, that is supposed to be capable of achieving a massive output of 476 BHP, compared to the current 360 BHP. This powerplant will certainly transform the SLK into a very naughty roadster. Following the first spy pics which indicate the resemblance between the dashboards of the SLS AMG and the future SLK, as well as all the other interesting technical data we have gathered along time, it is clear that Mercedes-Benz wants to play tough games with its main contender in this segment, the BMW Z4.

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