- TECHNICITY is aimed at opinion leaders from the fields of politics, economics, the media, finance and science
- The mix of topics focuses on trend, technology, innovation and mobility issues
- Topics featured in the first edition: E-City Berlin, car of the future, digital development processes, mobility concepts, innovation processes and regions

Stuttgart, Germany, Apr 21, 2010 - Daimler has published a new technology and innovation magazine, “TECHNICITY – Magazine for Innovation, Technology and Mobility,” as reinforcement of Daimler’s technology and innovation communications in corporate publishing. TECHNICITY replaces the Daimler technology magazine “HighTechReport” published until 2009.

TECHNICITY will combine important perspectives and trends from Daimler research and development locations with non-Daimler topics. Urban mobility solutions, technology and innovation processes within the company as well as creativity and innovation trends from the fields of science, research and development will be presented in a global context.

Combined topics from two worlds

The magazine title “TECHNICITY” is comprised of the topics from two worlds of relevance to the publication's future international target audience: The first part of the name derives from the term “technology”, which refers to the technical character of an innovation. This sets a clear reference point to topics of innovation and technology inside and outside the company. The second part, “city”, highlights all aspects of increasing urbanization and mobility. TECHNICITY brings together the focal topics of these two worlds.

Topics covered in the first issue are as follows:

- Title: E-City Berlin: A network in the German capital is shaping the future of electric mobility.
- Car of the future: Why intelligent research vehicles are already having a major impact on the future of the automobile.
- Digital world: Why digital development processes are fundamentally changing the way we live and work.
- Mobility concepts: How major cities all over the world are reacting rapidly and efficiently to mobility bottlenecks.
- Innovation processes: How networked creative processes are generating high-tech applications in innovation regions.
- Innovation regions: Technologies and trends from innovation regions (Asia, North America and Europe) and major cities (Bangkok, London, Singapore, Austin).

Print-online strategy

As an innovative magazine, TECHNICITY also features its own ground-breaking website: The new online format sets out to establish an integrated print-online communication model aimed at international experts. An integral element of the technology and innovation magazine is a website in line with the “community” style at The site offers value added in the form of up-to-date, in-depth and interactive content relating to the topics covered in the printed magazine.

In future, the majority of magazine articles will initially be published on the Internet, suitably enhanced with photo galleries, videos and detailed extra content along with interactive applications. An international network of scientific journalists is currently researching the latest trends for this purpose – offering exciting insights into the growth regions and major cities of the world.

The new innovation and technology magazine “TECHNICITY” will appear two times a year with a circulation of 150,000 copies. Published in German and English, it is aimed principally at opinion leaders from the fields of politics, economics, the media, finance and science.

Facts & Figures:

- Title: “TECHNICITY – Magazine for Innovation, Technology and Mobility”
- Frequency of publication: Two times a year (April, October)
- Scope: 100 pages
- Language editions: German, English
- Target groups: Opinion leaders from politics, economics, the media, finance and science
- Lead publisher: DesignHochDrei (Stuttgart)
- Website:
- Subscriptions:

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