Well, the new Maybach is in fact the old one with minor, almost imperceptible changes. This non-performance shows once again how much Mercedes-Benz cares about resuscitating the slow sales of its luxury brand.

The most important changes from the previous models are the revised chrome grille, the addition of LED lights in the front bumper, new front air intakes, trapezoidal exterior mirrors a la Mercedes-Benz and very subtle revisions of the tail lights. The interior, however, which has always the strong part of the car, received new colour combinations and even more upscale materials. In addition to the outgoing version, the new Maybach offers some state-of-the-art options:a wireless internet function fitted to the infotainment system of the car, a perfume atomiser, a 19-inch display for the rear seats, a retractable privacy glass between the front and the rear seats and an intelligent panoramic sunroof which can modify its opacity/transparency at a touch of a button(reserved only for the long-wheelbase model). Moreover, the car is fitted now with a rear-view camera and the 57 range now features the inclining rear seats previously available only for the 62 version.

The new luxury Maybachs have also slightly grown in length with 11 mm and in width with 17 mm. A new range of large-diameter wheels(19 and 20 inches) is also offered, as well as a new two-tone exterior paint(navy blue and sahara beige). Some technical tweaks were also performed in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the V12 unit which powers the S models:an extra 18 HP(which rise the output to 630 HP), a CO2 emmision level which went down from 390 g/km to 368 g/km and a merely improved fuel consumption of 15.8 l/100 km. The engine specification for the standard models remains practically the same;the only differences are represented by the fuel consumption level, now lowered to 15.9 l/100km, and an optimized value of 350 g/km for the CO2 emmisions.

All in all, the long-awaited Maybach Facelift is in fact quite of a disappointment. In our point of view, this only previews the second end of the old luxury brand...

Source of the photos >> Autocar

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