If you've ever wondered why so few automakers offer vehicles with space to cram in 15 of your closest friends for a cross-country trip, you're probably the only one. Still, Daimler has heard the thoughts of those who think the current Sprinter lineup is just not quite big enough. How does seating for 16 sound? Crazy at first, for sure, but the soon-to-be-available mega-sized Sprinter (even larger than the one pictured) actually offers substantial people-hauling capability and better efficiency than your typical bus.

The new 16-passenger Sprinter is targeted at the commercial market, not your average car buyer. Daimler predicts that most of the new vans will be used for hotel shuttle service and public transit, but that does not mean that you can't buy one. The lengthened Sprinter will be sold through Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner dealerships starting this summer. We see a green aspect here that could go overlooked, this van would take the term carpooling to new heights and the turbocharged diesel engine brings about as much efficiency as you can expect from something capable of packing in all the guests at your local Motel 6, with room to spare.