In the forthcoming years, the Stuttgart-based constructor will further expand its model portfolio with new, attractive niche versions. Among them, Mercedes-Benz plans to include a new compact sedan, placed below the C-Klasse and built using the underpinnings of the future A-/B-Klasse models.

Most probably, the new niche car won't be just a simple, conventional sedan, but more likely a 4-door coupe(the anticipated BLC). The exterior design will mimic the organic lines of the F 800 Style Research Vehicle. In order to attract new, younger customers, Mercedes-Benz will also offer this model in a special AMG variant, too. The Affalterbach-based company will be in charge of developing a completely unique powertrain to be fitted onto the car, thus meaning technical platform, gearbox and, obviously, the engine under the bonnet. According to insiders, the conventional A/B models will, in the end, make use of a front-driven arhcitecture, in the form of the MFA;but the new BLC AMG will feature a 4x4 system, that will be obtained using the MFA as basis and adding to it a rear-biased power split. Moreover, power will be transmitted to all 4 wheels via a new 3.2 litres V6 unit. With the help of a clever technology called 'electrically-operated pressure wave supercharger', the maximum output could reach the staggering level of 400 BHP.

The new super mini-CLS Mercedes-Benz will compete the Audi RS3 and the BMW 1er M and will most probably arrive in showrooms by the end of 2012 or in 2013.

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