Melbourne, Australia, Mar 26, 2010

Michael Schumacher attended an event with Bridgestone in Melbourne on Thursday morning to support Bridgestone’s commitment to the FIA’s Make Cars Green programme.

The FIAs global initiative educates and encourages motorists to think green before they drive to reduce the impact of cars on the environment with ten key action points:

1. Buy Green
2. Plan Your Journey
3. Check Tyre Pressures Frequently
4. Reduce Loads and Avoid The Need for Roof Racks
5. Dont warm up your engine before starting off
6. Use air conditioning only when necessary
7. Accelerate gently and keep your speed constant
8. Use engine braking
9. Dont idle your engine
10. Offset your CO2 emissions

Michael said: “Climate change is a world problem and everyone can play a role in bringing down vehicle emissions. Simple actions such as checking tyre pressure, accelerating gently, only use air conditioning when necessary, don’t idle your engine for long periods – these are all activities that do make a difference.”

Andrew Moffatt, Bridgestone Australia Ltd Senior Executive Director, said: “We are delighted to have had Michael with us in Melbourne to help promote the Make Cars Green programme. Driving on tyres with air pressure at just 50kPA (0.5kg/cm²) lower than it should be decreases fuel efficiency by two per cent in urban areas and four per cent in suburban driving. Additionally, a correctly inflated tyre increases the grip on the road and is therefore not only a greener but also a safer tyre.”

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