Model Year 1991: $19,169,540
Model Year 1992: $18,122,440
Model Year 1993: $13,531,590
Model Year 1997: $11,731,035
Model Year 2006: $30,257,920
Model Year 2007: $29 305 352

These are just some of the CAFE fines that Mercedes-Benz has paid over the years for its dirty, dirty cars. All told, since 1983, Mercedes has paid over $200 million in CAFE fines. Now that the company is trying to put its green face forward, it says it's done with this nonsense and probably won't be fined for its Model Year 2010 vehicles or anything after that. Benz's product development chief, Thomas Weber, told the German auto magazine Automobilwoche, "From 2010 on, we won't pay anything. That is clearly our goal."

Why is Mercedes changing its tune now? In years past, it was easier to just pay the fine than change its cars. Now, though, the fines are increasing along with CAFE levels. Also, it pays to look green, and huge CAFE fines don't help that image. Finally. You can download a PDF of CAFE fines paid by all automakers over the years.