Affalterbach, Germany, Mar 09, 2010

Production: One man, one engine – highly qualified manual assembly in Affalterbach

In contrast to large-series production, every Mercedes-AMG engine is traditionally assembled by hand according to the "one man, one engine" philosophy. A single AMG technician assembles the complete engine in the AMG engine shop in Affalterbach, and is therefore responsible for everything from the installation of the crankshaft in the engine block to the assembly of the camshaft and the cables and oil fill-up – his signature is then put on the engine plate.

The special production techniques used in Affalterbach were already taken into account during the design and development phases for the new AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine, and this opened up new scope and possibilities with respect to engine design.

Electronic documentation of the entire production process

During the assembly process, each engine absolves various tests in which it is examined for water and oil leakages. The entire fuel system is also tested for leaks – to the extent that even individual gas molecules can be detected. All the engine functions are then examined on the so-called cold test bench, using simulated resistances and pressurisation as well as the very latest resonance and airborne noise measurement methods. And finally a fully automatic image processing system is used to check the delivery condition of the completed engine.

The assembly process is also controlled and documented by the AMG Trace System. This system provides full documentation of various process parameters such as the tightening torques of all bolted connections, fluid levels, component and batch information and test results. Special PCs are mounted on the assembly trolleys, which have a wireless link to a documentation database. They display the relevant online information depending on the assembly stage. This state-of-the-art system guarantees exemplary production quality at the highest level. At the same time its unique architecture combines the traditional approach to AMG engine production with the production trends of the future.

Assembly of AMG high-performance engines in Affalterbach

The AMG high-performance engines for the different car models are built in the engine shop, which covers an area of 9950 square metres and occupies two storeys. The production procedures are designed for maximum flexibility. Depending on the order intake, production can be rapidly adapted in line with current market conditions.

Only highly qualified technicians with many years of experience are employed
in the AMG engine shop. The utmost precision and attention to detail are a matter of course during the hand-assembly process. All work stages are subject to the stringent Mercedes-Benz quality criteria which also apply to all other series-production engines. After all, even an AMG high-performance engine must exhibit the reliability and long operating life typical of a Mercedes.

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