Mercedes-Benz will unveil the controversial, yet futuristic F 800 Style Research Vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. The stylish concept is believed to be hinting at a new model in the Stuttgart-based carmaker's portfolio:a compact/mid-sized 4door coupe. Mercedes-AMG have appearently got their magic hands onto the new car and are secretly developing a super version of it.

The future "doped" coupe will benefit from an exclusive technical platform, specially tweaked by AMG. We talk about a 4x4 architecture oriented towards achieving the highest-quality sporty behaviour. With the help of it, power will be transferred to the road from a brand new engine, featuring a maximum displacement of 2,000 cubic centimeters and showcasing several interesting technologies, such as direct injection, and more important, twin-turbocharging. This powerplant is expected to develop well over 300 HP in output;the maximum torque is still unknown, but we hope that it will sport a crazy number, too.

By using new technical solutions for building this interesting powering unit, Mercedes-AMG have also focused on reducing fuel consumption and gas emission levels with the introduction of start/stop, brake energy recovery of gearshift indicator systems.

The new compact/mid-sized 4door coupe, that could probably receive the BLC-Klasse name, will officially debut towards the end of 2012 or in 2013 and will be part of the future and very attractive A-/B-Klasse lineup.

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