Stuttgart, Germany, Mar 01, 2010

125 years ago – 3 April 1885: Gottlieb Daimler applied for a patent for his internal combustion engine with vertical cylinder, the so-called “grandfather clock” engine. This compact design was a key invention en route to the automobile.

110 years ago – 2 April 1900: Emil Jellinek and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft agreed a contract on the sale of Daimler automobiles and engines. That same month, Jellinek ordered 36 vehicles at a total cost of 550,000 Goldmarks.

75 years ago – April 1935: In the 1935 season Mercedes-Benz formula racing cars from the W 25 series notched up many triumphs. The list included: Grand Prix of Monaco, 1st place (22 April); Grand Prix of Tripoli, 1st and 3rd places (12 May); International Avus Race, 1st place (26 May); International Eifel Race, 1st place (16 June); French Grand Prix, 1st and 2nd places (23 June); Grand Prix of Barcelona, 1st and 2nd places (30 June); Belgian Grand Prix, 1st and 2nd places (14 July); Swiss Grand Prix, 1st and 2nd places (25 August); Spanish Grand Prix, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (22 September).

35 years ago – 7 April 1975: Daimler-Benz presented an experimental bus for combined battery / trolley operation in Esslingen. The Duo bus, based on the Mercedes-Benz OE 302, went into regular service trials the same day.(more about the history of alternative drive systems in commercial vehicles of Daimler AG)

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