Mercedes-Benz E-Guard models - Original bodyshell with a network of integrated protective features
Shortly after launching its new E-Class, Mercedes-Benz is also offering the world’s most successful business saloon as a specially protected E-Guard model. It differs from the series model primarily through its network of intelligently conceived protective features, such as special steel and aramid, which are invisibly integrated beneath the otherwise identical body. The protective cocoon also features polycarbonate glazing all-round. The new E-Guard saloons thus offer occupants effective protection against the steadily increasing danger of street crime worldwide. In its new Guard model, Mercedes-Benz is continuing to build on eight decades of expertise in the development and production of special protection vehicles.
As is usual at Mercedes-Benz, the special requirements of the special protection versions of the new E-Class were already taken into account in the specifications during the vehicle’s development. Like any series-produced vehicle, the new E-Guard goes through all body production stations, thus ensuring that its structural strength, dimensional accuracy, corrosion protection and paintwork are of the same high quality as those of the series-produced automobile.